About the Florida BioDatabase

UF’s Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator recognized Florida’s need to better understand its growing bioscience industry and launched the Florida BioDatabase in 2007 to track the state’s bioscience companies (biotechnology and biomedical device). Following industry standards, FBD defines a biotechnology company as one that uses modern biological techniques to develop products or services for human health care, animal health care, agricultural productivity, food processing, renewable resources, industrial manufacturing, and environmental management.

Bioscience companies have an R&D core that generates new bio-related product discoveries, regardless of sector. By this definition, the database does not include healthcare services companies, medical device companies without a bio­ component, or biomed companies that are involved only in manufacturing and/or distribution of products. There are thousands of such companies in Florida.

Michael Schmitt, MD, editor of FBD, is a life science analyst in Lakeland, Florida. SBMI leadership worked with Dr. Schmitt to develop the Florida BioDatabase. He updates FBD several times a year by drawing on publicly available information supplemented by conversations with key Florida contracts. Dr. Schmitt has tracked Florida biotech companies for years and was the author of the first Japanese External Trade Organization report on Florida's biotech companies in 2003.